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Orbital, periorbital and palpebral surgery

Orbital, periorbital and palpebral surgery include a wide range of treatments for lesions in this area of complex anatomy. Pathologies can be: traumatic, congenital, acquired, benign or malignant, neurological, inflammatory or endocrinological (e.g., exophthalmos in Graves-Basedow disease). The globe may also be involved, appearing deepened as in post-traumatic enophthalmos or protruding as in Graves' disease. In other cases, only the eyelids with ptosis may be involved for various reasons. A particular condition is represented by the anophthalmia, absence of the globe due to various causes: congenital or acquired after birth. Reconstructive surgical techniques use different strategies, depending on the type and nature of the lesion or the disease. Collaboration with the ophthalmologist plays an extremely important role in all orbital-palpebral surgeries.