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Oral and dento-alveolar surgery

Oral surgery includes extractions of compromised permanent teeth, root debris, deciduous teeth, teeth included in the bone, and extraction of the third molars (wisdom teeth) into partial or total bone inclusion. In the case of lower wisdom teeth close to the mandibular canal, a diagnostic study with computed tomography or dental scanning is advised. Endodontic surgery is also carried out to treat peri-radicular lesions in teeth that could not otherwise be treated. Pre-implant or pre-prosthetic surgery is also very important, having the purpose of correcting soft and hard tissue problems for implant placement (maxillary sinus lift, guided bone reconstruction, hard and soft tissue reconstruction). Maxillo mandibular cysts: these neoformations are benign and must be removed. For orthodontic treatment, in oral surgery, some included or semi-included teeth need to be surgically exposed so as to align them with the dental arch.