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De Micheli Luca


Graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan and specialized in Maxillofacial Surgery at the same University.
He has been attending since 1986 the Italian Dental Institute where he was hired in the Department of Periodontal Surgery in 1989.
In 1996 he became the Head of the third Department of Periodontal and Implant Surgery of the same Institute.
Scientific Director of the Italian Dental Institute from 2011 to 2013.
During the training of its technical and cultural background he participated in numerous courses including:
-Topographical Anatomy course on corpse, Nimes, France;
-Course of Advanced Periodontal Surgery, Flero, Brescia (Dr. C. Tinti);
-Regenerative Periodontal Surgery, Verona (Dr. Cortellini);
-Advanced Implantology course, Lisbon, Portugal (Dr. P. Malo);
-Different Implant Surgery internships at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA (Dr. P. K. Moy);
-Surgical Internship at Bicon, Boston;
-Course of Periodontics Dr. Pierpaolo Cortellini, Milan Keeps up constant relations with the UCLA for updating and cultural exchanges.
Tutor in charge of a course of postgraduate specialisation in Periodontal and Implant Surgery and of the Italian Dental Institute until 2011. Freelancer in Milan.