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de Notariis Maria Elena

Graduated in Medicine at Università degli Studi di l’Aquila in 22/10/2007.
Qualified for the practice of the profession in the second session of 2007 and enrolled in the Register of Physicians of Rome since 11/03/2008.
From 19/5/2015 transferred to the Order of Physicians of Milan.
Specialization in Maxillofacial Surgery on 3/13/2013 with a grade of 70/70 and Honors.
Attended the Maxillofacial Surgery Division of San Gerardo Hospital in Monza in 2012. Also participated in humanitarian missions for the surgical correction of the labiopalatoschisis in Indonesia and Iraq in 2010 and 2011 with the humanitarian association "Emergenza Sorrisi".
From 2013 on-call doctor and from 2016 at the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of the Italian Stomatological Institute.