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Lipostructure and regenerative medicine

Facial lipostructure (injections of autologous fat) consists in the removal of fat generally from the abdomen, and injection of this same tissue after being purified by adequate centrifugation. It was first used principally as a cosmetic surgery technique. Afterwards, the technique evolved into applications in various reconstructive procedures, refining and filling of the soft tissues in various cases: post trauma, congenital and acquired malformations, orbital and peri-orbital surgery, post-irradiation deformity after tumour removal, post irradiation of soft tissue, correction of scars of various origins, and rejuvenation surgery. Recent studies and research have shown that in some parts of the centrifuged and injected adipose tissue there are stem cells with characteristics of staminality, which thus today make us talk about regenerative medicine. The technique requires adequate preoperative planning on the patient’s face.