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Istituto Stomatologico Italiano represents the history of Italian Dentistry since 1908.

It has been since its Foundation a point of reference for doctors and dentists: a training centre, a catalyst of important specialists in the dental and maxillofacial field, a compass for scientific research. At the core of all the activities of the ISI there are the Patients who can benefit from specialized care and have the opinion and the support of highly qualified professionals.

Citizens and the society are important for the ISI, they are the heart and the starting point that deserve attention and initiatives. This is why the ISI became in 2005 a Social Cooperative ONLUS, with the purpose of performing an increasingly useful function for the territory, by offering the community an important health service and a significant contribution to social progress.

In particular the Cooperative, pursuant to article 4 of the Statute, has as its object the following activities:

  1. Organizing health and social services for prevention and treatment both ambulatory and inpatient in the medical field and mainly of the diseases of the mouth and teeth, as well as for oral and maxillofacial surgery;
  2. Delivering teaching courses directly or in agreement to the Medicine and Surgery graduates who wish to improve in Odontostomatology, Maxillofacial Surgery and related fields; establishing and operating, in accordance with laws, schools and cycles of study for undergraduates and graduates in dentistry;
  3. Promoting the establishment and participating in the management of degree programs, departments or university faculties;
  4.  Establishing and carrying out high international level courses of study, seminars, etc. for graduates and specialists in Dentistry, for the study of the methods of care and the technical-scientific operations followed by the best International Schools;
  5. Providing all scholars of the subject every means for scientific studies about their speciality, promoting and subsidizing publications, even periodical, concerning those specialities, organizing meetings and theoretical and practical conferences;
  6. Establishing relations and signing agreements with universities and institutes or centres of scientific research in order to facilitate the attainment of the objectives referred to in previous letters, contributing, when necessary, to support, in whole or in part, together with the State and other entities, the cost of its initiatives;
  7. Setting up courses for odontotechnicians, nurses and dental clinic assistants.

It follows that the strategic objectives of the ISI materialize in a consistent approach towards the patient, to the community, to the clinical and organizational structure and, finally, to the associations. Choosing to become a Social Cooperative is the testimony of the attention of the ISI towards the fundamental value that is the centrality of the person that is manifested through the promotion of participation and involvement, the match between skills and the needs of patients.