chirurgia maxillo facciale

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Access Procedure

The Department of Maxillofacial surgery of the ISI is modern, efficient and comfortable, equipped with more than 50 beds, distributed in 27 rooms on the fifth and sixth floors, all equipped with air conditioning. On the fourth floor three operating rooms are dedicated to operations under general anaesthesia or sedation. We can perform inpatient admissions and in day surgery.

On the third floor in the pre-admission area we carry out all the necessary investigations in order to assess in advance the general health conditions of patients to be submitted to surgery.

The structure deals with the surgical pathology of head-neck district and in particular of the mouth and face. We treat more specifically:
• facial deformities, congenital and acquired (cleft lip and palate, progenia, micrognathia, outcomes of amputation for tumours).
• the benign and malignant oral and maxillofacial surgery with particular reference to the pathology of major and minor salivary glands with the use of the most modern technologies (laser and radiofrequency scalpel)
• the problems related to tooth loss through preprosthetic surgery using bone grafts taken from the jaw, from the iliac crest or the calvaria; we perform even complex implant restorations
• traumatic injuries of the facial bones and their outcomes in order to ensure the patient's functional and aesthetic recovery
• diseases of the sinuses (sinusitis, polyps, foreign bodies) treated with minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.

The Department pays particular attention to the diseases of the oral cavity of patients with mental and physical disabilities and disadvantaged people (patients on anticoagulant therapy, that are cardiac, diabetic and suffering from acquired immune deficiency).